• We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Jesus Christ is the son of the Living God, who was crucified, died and rose again.  He now sits at the Father's right side in Heaven.
  • We believe in the 'Great Commission'; that we are to go out into all the world and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, teaching and making disciples.
  • We believe that one day soon, Jesus Christ will return again to collect His church.




Carolyn and I are happy to have you join us in the 'Round pen'. Please grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. 

This ministry started under the ole oak tree in the backyard. I remember how the cowboys who worked on the various ranches in our area would pull in the driveway with their rigs and join us under the cool shade of the tree. Eventually, they began to ask that we meet regularly. Together with other circumstances, those suggestions were brought into fruition and Manger Ministries was birthed.

Our first Sunday meetings under the oak tree started with only a handful of people perched on hay bales from the barn. As weather began to change, we moved into the alleyway of the horse barn with the horses in attendance. I laugh when I remember how many people had their hair nibbled on during service.

We soon outgrew the alleyway of the barn and commandeered Carolyn's round pen that she used in training horses. Now, with Jesus as our trainer, we look forward to receiving the greatest lessons of all.

We want to welcome you home!