operation BACHELORs degree

    Marsha Denning is a wonderful woman of God who has been across the world spreading the Good News. Recently, we found out that Ms. Denning was in need of a home. She was living in her car with little income, so our church came together with another church in her area, like a family does, and bought her a beautiful house!

    We later received this letter and photo from her...

    "My dear church family, Shalom-Shalom. I love you. When I found out about the very generous gift you graced me with, from being open to the Holy Spirit putting me on your heart, my heart was and is overwhelmed with deep thankfulness to the Most High God. My eyes are filled with tears from the love I have received from you. Thank you for your great help in getting me a home - actually His home that I share with Him. I am a missionary and this home is open to all of you who are of the 'Body of Christ' - Shalom

Home For A Single Woman


   In the spring of 2014, Janelle came to Manger Ministries after hitting her "rock bottom". God quickly began to pull her out of her quiet and subdued shell and before long, she joined Manger's worship team. 

   A few, short months after her arrival, God instructed her to go back to school. Janelle had attempted to complete her education and had believed she wanted to be an accountant, but life and a business venture--which failed only after a year--got in the way. With no money, job, or a permanent place to live, she applied to Oral Roberts University located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. God saw to it that she was accepted and she has been faithfully working towards graduation.

Dear Family,

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to each and everyone who helped me. With the help of you and our wonderful Father, I was able to accomplish something I had never thought was personally possible. This video is my thank you to all of you.

Love, Janelle

With your help we were able to exceed our goal of $2,500!

Thank you partnering with us in helping our community!

Home set in place

Fire devastated their home

   Manger Ministries purchased a mobile home for a couple who were in a tiny trailer after a devastating fire took their home.

The trailer they lived in did not have inside showers and for them to take a shower it was outside in the snow or rain!

   The husband had a heart attack and was unable to get into the trailer due to having a walker. It was a desperate situation.

   We were able to get them a nice mobile home and have them moved in the day before he was released from the hospital!  PRAISE THE LORD!

Their letter to us:

Greetings to Manger Ministries,

Expressing our gratitude for those making it possible to purchase a mobile home for us!  Your hearts are so full of compassion and kindness for us in a time of great need. Thank you, thank you...may our Lord Jesus Christ bless you many times over.

                                                   Much appreciation, hugs and love, 

                                                   Bill & Kim H.


Replaced a roof for older, single lady!

   We are excited to say that we have raised enough money to replace the roof on Ms. Hamar's home!

   This wonderful lady is single, hard working and volunteers her time. After hearing through close friends of her's that her house was in disrepair, we examined the whole roof and found that it needed to be replaced as several places were crumbling. Unfortunately, she was unable to afford to patch the holes in her roof and with winter approaching, it was important that it was repaired.

   After several months and much help from many generous people, Manger Ministries was able to replace her roof. Praise the Lord for He is good!



   At the end of 2015, Janelle was informed that she had ran out of financial aid and would have to pay for her last semester out of pocket. Having been  recently unemployed, she was afraid that she would not graduate in May 2016. But God was faithful and Manger Ministries agreed to help fund her last semester. 
   With your help, Janelle was able complete her last semester of school and graduated on April 30, 2016. Thank you to everyone who partnered with us in helping Janelle.


Completed Projects